Amenity: Hairdryer

Capacity: 1-4 persons
Size: 32sqm

In the heart of the TAAVETTi, our King Suite seduces anybody with its charm of ancient times in a space of refinement and comfort. All the furniture has been designed by individual

Capacity: 1-4 persons
Size: 30sqm

Enjoy the spacious comfort of privacy with all the amenities required to ensure a romantic, warm stay. For those seeking an intimate hideaway with a king-size bed and a private bal

Capacity: 1-4 persons
Size: 25sqm

Executive Room offers you all the amenities that make for a perfect cozy refuge. TAAVETTI will make you wish you could always wake up in such a comfy bed with stunning view of natu

Capacity: 1-4 persons
Size: 17sqm

The tranquil and cozy stylistic features of the Double Room, including the wooden interior design, make your stay very comfortable. Enjoy the spacious comfort of your privacy with

Capacity: 1-4 persons
Size: 22sqm

The relaxing sea breeze naturally seeps into the room, allowing the greenery and gentle light of the tropical sun to create an ambiance of softness and warmth. The tranquil and coz