The Retreat Spa

A holistic utopia where wellness, health and beauty unite with luxurious vitality.

A hallmark of the Retreat Hotel experience, the Retreat Spa brings your mind and body to unprecedented horizons of peace and rejuvenation.

A place of intimacy, warmth, and enchantment.

TAAVETTI’s indulgent spa uses a personalized approach that respects the individuality of each client’s skin, mind, and body.

In an elegant interior decor conducive to quiet serenity, a space is dedicated exclusively to the art of relaxation and well-being.


Treatment 1
Iconic Vibrant Skin treatment

Taavetti’s iconic Vibrant Skin treatment, cleanses and strengthens your skin leaving you looking fresh, pure, radiant.

Refreshing Treatment
Treatment 2
DONA refreshing treatment

DONA refreshing treatment is extraordinarily dynamic. It renews, nourishes, and hydrates your skin—opening the door to an enduring, youthful glow.

Treatment 3
Powerful ayurveda herbs

Tavetti’s uniquely potent array of warming blend of powerful ayurveda herbs have energizing effects on your mind and body—exfoliating your skin and stimulating your circulation.

Swimming Pool

A 11 metre-long indoor pool and loungers offer the perfect sense of escapism for exceptional relaxation and to enjoy swimming at TAAVETTIi’s regardless of the weather.

It has a perfect ventilation system, strict water quality control, and natural lighting that ensures a relaxing atmosphere.